Data Center Specifications

When you choose Urack to manage your dedicated server(s), you will know that your data is secure at all times, protected from fire, adequately supplied with power, and sufficiently cooled in our data center in downtown Salt Lake City.

The data center boasts onsite security personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and a man-trap style entrance with dual authentication (magnetic card key and biometric identification) required for access. Located within the interior of a building with no direct outside access, our data center includes no exposed hinges on its doors, digital security cameras, and an intercom system. All fiber optic services delivered to the data center come through a secure duct. There are separate physical entrances for each telecommunications carrier.

For fire detection and suppression, the data center features VESDA smoke detection, a certified computer room smoke detection system, a dual interlock pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system, a FM200 Chemical Gas Fire Suppression system, and clean agent fire extinguishers.

The data center includes a 480 volt, three-phase power delivery system through two transformers. It also boasts Quad 500 KVA Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), a 2,000 KW diesel generator, 4,000 gallons of on-site fuel, dual Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) units, and multiple redundant Power Delivery Units (PDU).

The HVAC system at the data center features a fully redundant system designed to properly cool up to 500 watts per square foot with an on-site supply of water and glycol.

Multiple redundant 30-ton air conditioning units keep the environment at a constant temperature and humidity.