Lease 1U or Rack Space

Think outside the rack” with Urack as your managed dedicated server partner

When you choose Urack as the host of your managed dedicated server, you “think outside the rack.” Urack truly caters to you, the little guy, by providing you the opportunity to lease 1 U of rack space. Many server or systems administrators cannot afford to purchase an entire rack of 42 spaces. Most data centers do not allow clients to purchase smaller amounts of rack space. They cannot make much money by leasing only one U.

With Urack, you can lease one U in a colocation environment for $75 per month. You can set up your own dedicated server or we can set up the server for you for an additional charge. You can even ship your server (insured, of course) to us for setup. If you set up your own, we will only charge you for our time in the data center while opening the rack.

If you previously thought that leasing 1U was impossible, think again. With Urack as your partner, you can set up cost-efficient dedicated server web hosting.