PCI Compliance

URACK provides PCI Compliance management, PCI compliance server configuration and consulting.

If you accept credit cards online, your processor requires you to be PCI compliant. Online stores and shopping carts now have to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant to avoid liability for credit card fraud and security breaches.

We guarantee that our PCI compliant managed dedicated servers will pass cardholder data security standards. Urack’s unparalleled service includes proactive response to server issues, including IP filtering, service reconfiguration, performance tuning, security hardening, managed firewall, and uptime monitoring, as well as a reboot and hardware replacement, if needed.

Our PCI compliance services include PCI vulnerability scan(s) and assistance tuning your server until it passes automated vulnerability tests. PCI regulations insinuate that in order for businesses to accept credit card payments, they must host on a dedicated server. When outsourcing your PCI compliance to Urack, you will be compliant at all times. We ensure your server is up to date and that you pass your quarterly self-evaluations.

When you host your website(s) through a PCI compliant service provider like Urack, you guarantee the protection of your customers’ account data processed across your technical environment. This increases your costumers’ trust in your company, indicating your commitment to the security of their personal data. By outsourcing your web hosting to Urack’s managed dedicated servers, you take advantage of our investment in complete PCI compliance, saving in potential technical infrastructure costs. Another advantage of choosing Urack is our state-of-the-art data backup system, your insurance plan in case of data loss. Since data is the heart of your business, it is crucial that you protect it through a reliable data backup and recovery system. Urack offers continuous, automated backups, and rapid recovery of data that has changed since your last backup. Ensuring your backup files can protect you against accidental data loss, hardware failures, and database corruption. In addition to our superior PCI compliance and data backup systems, Urack offers unbeatable security, fire protection, power and environmental design, as well as a state-of-the-art network operations center and telecommunications network.